Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Grateful Dead - Ramblin' Rose

American Beauty and Wake of The Flood are respectivelly the fifth and sixth Grateful Dead studio albums, but were recorded three years apart from each other, something unusual to the incredibly productive band. In the "inactive" years of 1971 and 1972 they put out two incredible live albums, "Skull & Roses" (originally to be titled Skull Fuck), and "Europe '72". The both have some songs that are unreleased in studio form, and considering the lenght and sheer awesomeness of the songs, they're more than enough for a quality Dead LP. The Dead didn't actually stay away from the studio, with both Garcia and Weir's solo albums actually being recorded by the band (but I'll probably compile them together into one entity in a next post). So, what I'm trying to do here is: put together a 1972 "new tunes" only album, with the best songs sourced from the Europe '72 and Skull Fuck tours. There aren't any covers included, seen that the album with originals only was already pretty long. And their latest other albums, such as the two albums released in 1970. The album wil have four songs a side, about the norm for them, and all inedit live tunes. Robert Hunter even talks about this album, which was to be called "Rambling Rose" and to be the last part of a trilogy, along with American Beauty and Workingman's Dead, with the same style throughout. So here's what I came up with:

Side A
  1. Bertha
  2. Ramble on Rose
  3. Mr. Charlie
  4. Tennessee Jed
Side B
  1. Jack Straw
  2. He's Gone
  3. Brown-Eyed Woman
  4. Wharf Rat
Kicking off Side A we have "Bertha", recorded at NY's Fillmore East in March 1971, followed by our semi-title track, "Ramble On Rose", this time recorded in the Lyceum Theatre, London. Up next is Pigpen's "Mr. Charlie", also recorded in the Lyceum Theatre, and we finish off the side with "Tennessee Jed", from the Olympia Theatre, Paris. Side B kicks off with "Jack Straw", from the Olympia as well, and is followed by "He's Gone", tracked in the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam. The last two numbers of the album are "Brown-Eyed Women", from the Tivolis Koncertsal, Copenhagen, and the epic "Wharf Rat", the second and last song on this album to come from the 1971 album. The album clocks at about 48 minutes, with even-sided 24 minute album sides, and quite a lot of fantastic tunes. But you may ask me: what about "Playin' In The Band" and "One More Saturday Night"? They were both recorded and released in the two live albums. But I decided to exclude them for two main reasons: they were re-recorded for Bob Weir's album Ace (and probably will be included in my 1972 studio album) and there simply wasn't any space left for them: too long for a single, too short for a double! But feel free to make the changes you wish to it, and I'll probably post album No.2 in a couple of days. A live album of new songs was unusual back in the day, but artists such as Neil Young (with "Rust Never Sleeps") did it some years later, so it wouldn't be that impossible. Any thoughts? Criticism, requests, anything at all is welcome. Be sure to make any change you want to the tracklist, and see you next post!


- The Grateful Dead
- Europe '72


  1. Your site is absolutely amazing! I love everything you've done so far and I will definitely make these albums on my iPhone! I just wanted to know - what albums you are planning to tackle next? Can't wait to hear from you!

    1. Thank you very much! I have a pretty long list of other reconstructions to do, and after a little christmas/new year break I'll post again. And your suggestions will most certainly be attended!

    2. And if you're wondering about what's next: a famous concept album expanded (again!)

    3. Looking forward to this concept album and Merry Christmas!

  2. I do have multiple suggestions (as you said that they were welcome) that I think you would really be well at creating! These scenarios are only suggestions and you don't have to do them if you don't want to. Tell me what you think of them!

    1. Peter Gabriel stays with Genesis after 1975
    2. Syd Barrett stays with Pink Floyd after 1968
    3. Roger Waters stays with Pink Floyd after 1985
    4. The Beatles stay together after 1970
    5. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young stay together after 1970.
    6. The Masked Marauders (fictitious supergroup made up in a fake review by Rolling Stone) - consisting of Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan and John, Paul, George and Ringo actually form in 1969.

    P.S. I love what you did with "Bricks In The Wall" by making 2 different acts. With 22 tracks that would make each act a double album - resulting in 2 double albums - Act I and Act II.

    P.P.S I also love your album covers that you choose!

    1. Pink Floyd - The Shape of Questions to Heaven
      Side A
      1. Vegetable Man
      2. Apples and Oranges
      3. Paintbox
      4. In the Beechwoods
      5. Clowns and Jugglers
      6. Golden Hair
      Side B
      1. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
      2. Remember a Day
      3. Late Night
      4. Scream thy Last Scream
      5. Jugband Blues

      that's it for the Floyd, and seen that most people with blogs like these have posted it, I won't really post it. But all of them will be attended (the Masked Marauders one will be tough!) in some time

      PS. Thanks! I mirrored it in some way in the Kinks' Preservation rock opera
      PPS. I actually did most of the covers, and some others are from , highly reccomend it!

    2. Thanks for the reply! Thinking back on it the Masked Marauders one would be INCREDIBLY HARD to do due to the completely different musical styles! So to save your time, effort and sanity, just disregard the fact that I mentioned that suggestion. However, I do see you having a lot fun with the other suggestions. Also, thanks for the great website of covers and Floyd album (I know others have done it but I just wanted to see your take on it)! :)

    3. I tried the Marauders one three different ways and it was still a rambling mess! A hard-rocking prog-contry album! But it got me hearing Jagger singing "Come Together", and it sounded real nice in my head

  3. I know that you already have suggestions from other people as well as my own - so for time and effort conveniency, disregard my CSNY request (unless you have already started thinking about it). I just thought it would be easier to prioritise my suggestions by how much I would like to see them. The other suggestions I still think you will do a great job with and will deeply enjoy!

    Along with the (*mystery expanded concept album*), what are some of your suggestion albums that you are planning to do soon? Happy New Year!

    1. I've actually got the CSNY tracklists ready! And I've got a pretty long list of stuff, such as a last Faces album, "Four More Respected Gentlemen" by the Kinks...

    2. Well in that case since you have already done them, I can't wait to see them soon! Thank you for doing one of my suggestions and I'm looking forward to all that you post!

    3. Some other nice stuff I'm planning on:
      - a Travelling Wilburys Vol.2 with their '89 material
      - the last Yardbirds album
      - a 1971 Dylan album
      - the "Paul and Elvis" 1991 album

  4. I love these reconstructions, and visit Albums That Never Were regularly, and when he went quiet for a while last year I started doing my own from suggestions in the comments. These include The Hollies 'Listen To Us' (great minds...), The Nazz's 'Fungo Bat', and Small Faces '1862'. As well as those I also did Grateful Dead's 'Days Between', Genesis 'Abacab' double album version, Neil Young & Crazy Horse 'Oh, Lonesome Me', Yes 'Works' (like ELP's similar album), The Yardbirds 'A Yardbirds-eye View Of Beat', Blind Faith 'II', Neil Young 'Homegrown', and The Kinks 'Four More Respected Gentlemen'. They're all saved in 320, so if you want to hear any of them and write some notes and post them here then let me know at . I also compiled a lot from Album Fixers site, as he draws them up but doesn't actually post links, and these include the 1971 Dylan album, as well as some by Neil Young, Led Zep, Nirvana etc etc, and I make all my own covers as well, like you. All the best.

    1. Hey! I've downloaded most of your reconstructions from ATNW's comments, and they're all great. I'm really interested in that, and surely will e-mail you! I was going to ask you/sydfloyd permission to use the Yes Works one anyway, so it's great!

  5. Cheers for this one,very much enjoyed it.